Street friend in Mbale

I arrive in Mbale in the afternoon, meet some friends staying in the area.  As we sit and chat, a street kid comes around and he seems to chat really well and personally with my friend. Hes introduces himself as Magidu – I too get engaged in the conversation. At this time of the evening the kid’s mind is corrupted and disorganized by the drugs he’s been taking. It needed a patient and free person to listen to his conversation. He seems really happy to see my friend as we were sited somewhere along the kid’s streets. “You’re in our areas,man!” he said to my friend. At this point i find the conversation and the kid’s sense of humor irresistible. After a few minutes of talking, the kid left.

The next morning, i see Magidu again together with his friends. He is putting on a sweater with words “criminal and violence destroyers”. One of his friends is holding a bottle of either aviation fuel or petrol. They sniff these hardcore gases all the time. The moment he sees me, he calls out – “Aunt, you were in our streets yesterday!” A splash of a strange happy feeling filled me up. According to the situation that he was in the night we met him, i didn’t expect him to remember anything!. I asked him if i should offer him water or a soda, he asks for a Sprite while shying with a smile. I was so excited that our conversation resumed again. One would wonder what we talked about. Well, we talked about Mbale town, the buildings and the people!.

Street kids - Esther Mbabazi - 2015

Street kids - Esther Mbabazi - 2015

Street life - Esther mbabazi - 2015
Magidu – the boy in the middle chilling with his friends in Mbale town.

Too bad i didn’t get to stay for more time in Mbale. But i hope he stays well. Hope we can talk something more positive next time we meet.


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