Victoria My Pride

At around 11am, we get to Masese landing site –  one of the biggest landing sites on Lake Victoria. Located in Jinja district, the landing sites accommodates a very big population during the day. People from the nearby villages and islands come to the site for work, business and transport. It’s busiest time is around 8am-4pm , after that, the boatmen say its dangerous to sail on the late evenings.

Lake Victoria-Esther Mbabazi-2015
Lake Victoria as taken from Masese landing site , Photo: Esther Mbabazi

We then get a small board to one of the smallest and yet nearest islands called Rwebitooke. It accommodates and offers land for economic activities as farming, boat making, transport among others. On this island is where we found a boy named Isa working his fishing net. He says fishing is part of his life, he does it every evening when back from school.

Rwebitooke island - Esther Mbabazi - 2015

Esther Mbabazi - 2015

Fishing is the widely practiced economic activity on Lake Victoria with different types of fish like silver fish, Nile perch. Sometimes fishermen do fish on the shallow waters where they get immature fish in larger quantities in order to maximize sales.

This was all done while on an assignment for Naam Festival a call for Justice for Lake Victoria in the three East African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

fishing - Esther mbabazi - 2015


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