Faces of Tomorrow as seen Today

Just after my exhibition at the recently concluded Bayimba Festival of the Arts, i get an email to work with Trust Future Uganda. This was in no way just a gig, it is one of those moments where i felt a huge love for humanity in one compound, in the classrooms and everyone at the school made it a great experience for me. I love making photos of children, these cute little souls are some of those amazing things that could ever happen to the world. Thanks Flourine for inviting me.Esther Mbabazi-02927 Esther Mbabazi-029710 Esther Mbabazi-032121 Esther Mbabazi-043246 Esther Mbabazi-045754 Esther Mbabazi-047364 Esther Mbabazi-050879 Esther Mbabazi-053487 Esther Mbabazi-056492 Esther Mbabazi-0901204


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