Today, I celebrate you!

Winnie, what an inspiration you are! I remember meeting you was one of the great things that happened to me in 2014. The way we met was so inspiring, I remember us sitted on that table as we went through the ‘Unleash Dreams’ session. I got to know of your story, but that is not all that I got to know about you. I got to learn of your inner strength, your courage, determination and that undying love to educate and empower generations.

You are serious and playful at the same time,Esther Mbabazi-044213

You know the definition of ‘you’, you are free spirited, loving and caring. I know, to some, this might sound like too much for a person, but, yes, I’m celebrating Winnie, and so I’ll speak from heart. You always smile and share love with people, even in trying times, you always afford an honest smile.

Esther Mbabazi-044915
All smiles, Winne

You, Winnie are a Queen. The work you do with The Innocent League Uganda is amazing and impactful. I’m sure the youths that you reach out to learn and realize alot more about themselves in a very friendly way. The passion that you incur in mobilising friends to work towards a common goal is exceptional – The world should know about you and The Innocent League.

Esther Mbabazi-044614
Soul warrior – Winnie

I know that as you keep on working hard and pushing forward to your goals and dreams, everything will work out very well.

I am so glad I met you, more glad that I keep finding inspiration in you. I celebrate you, Winnie.



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