Day in the life of a Village Pupil

10Year – Old Kiiza wakes up at 6am and starts preparing for school. He then has breakfast as quickly as possible. After the preparations in the morning, together with his sister, they leave home for school at around 6:50am. They walk two miles from home to school every day and run through a very narrow footpath with thick grass high above their heights.

Kiiza and his sister, Kezia run to school.

Kiiza goes to a government aided school in Luweero district. When one gets to the school premises, the eyes are welcomed by two small buildings on a vast piece of land. Despite being the only accessible school in a very big neighborhood, in one dusty ground classroom, two different classes take the corners of the room. The teachers have to teach in low voice tones so as not to interfere with the class in the opposite corner. Some pupils sit on the ground because there isn’t enough furniture.

 Primary two class studies under a mango tree.

During break time, children go searching for ripe mangoes to feed the empty stomachs. Each child takes three kilograms of maize corn for every school term for flour that they use for making porridge to feed the pupils. In rural areas, the fate of the children depends on their parents and teachers. If the parents don’t collect maize corn, no meals would be prepared at school. If the children don’t dig around the school, they would study in a bush. A school that teaches eight classes has only six classrooms which make some classes to be taught under mango trees and others to share a classroom.

One of the pupils having a mango for break time.

At around 4pm, Kiza returns home to a cool hut with a loving family, He is served an evening meal – he then heads for some domestic work. Together with his sister, they wash dishes, take livestock to the field, and fetch water. So after fetching water, they bathe at the dam – where they collect water.

Every day chores end with fetching water – Kiiza and Kezia at their home in Luweero.

They get home, have dinner and sleep – till tomorrow!”


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