Passion Driven Ambition

My dad used to take photos on an old Fuji film camera as a hobby. I remember when I was a young girl, aged about 5, I could play around with the unprocessed films which my dad never printed. I could look through and see figures of people in negative form and never stopped guessing which faces they were. I didn’t know that at some point in the near future, it would be me taking photos.

Growing up the only girl in a family of seven, I never lived a so girly life, I wanted to write, I wanted to tell stories, I wanted to find a way of self expression that mattered to me and would connect me with the world. My mum is one of the most outstanding people in my life, even when other people felt photography wasn’t a career for a girl, she believed in my passion and she always keeps me moving with her emotional support. After my high school, I realized that it was time for me to start working towards my passion and develop a career that connects with the world. Ever-since I had my first lesson on basics of photography by a good friend of mine, Oscar Kibuuka in November 2013, I have never stopped learning and growing.

Photography is that one part that makes my life complete with My Faith, Family, friends and Music. I always feel happy and contented documenting,capturing moments and sharing them with the world. My first solo exhibition was in July 2015 at a coffee shop in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. The support I received from the public was overwhelming and showed me that the world needs to see my work, From the lounge of a coffee shop to the National Theater, I had my second exhibition at Bayimba International Festival of the Arts in Kampala in September 2015, This was an inspirational moment for me, a motivation to keep sharing stories. I decided to take time and search for opportunities, apply for exhibitions and platforms to show my work. This opened my mind to the many opportunities out there which just needed us artists to dig deeper and take risks, I have taken time to apply to platforms with the feeling of ‘my faith will see my work through’. By doing this, I have been able to participate in joint exhibitions in Kampala and one in Kenya.

I know, such opportunities don’t come easily, one has to scratch down the covers, one has to go out of his/her comfort zones to work harder in the attempts of growth. I choose to share this story of success on a personal basis, for the struggling artists that keep trying and don’t limit themselves, for the female artists that never set limits on their goals, for the love of my motherland which needs to be shown to the world in its reality. For the spread of humanity. For the celebration of Africa.


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